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Antabuse for Lyme Disease: The Way Forward

Over 9000 individuals have joined one of several Facebook groups (Disulfiram for Lyme Support Group (Antabuse); Disulfiram/Antabuse for Lyme; Disulfiram/Antabuse Lyme Success Stories; Disulfiram for Lyme Group; Our Journeys: Disulfiram and Tick Borne Disease; Youth Disulfiram Lyme Support (Antabuse)) to exchange anecdotal information of their experience and questions regarding disulfiram in the treatment of Lyme disease. The uncontrolled observations reflect the beneficial effects of the drug and likely dose-related and idiosyncratic drug side effects, as well as exacerbation of PTLDS complaints and unrelated pre-existing disturbances. How to commence therapy, monitor patients and decide duration of disulfiram in the next challenge for health providers prescribing the medication. practitioners. Readers will find direction in my new articles on this subject.